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Indoor Seating Is Back!

It’s been a couple long years, and we’re stoked to announce that indoor seating is back!

We’ve made some serious upgrades and are so ready for this! Plenty of seating greets you right next to where the magic happens in the brewhouse. In fact, when we first designed the interior of our space, we wanted to pay homage to some of our favorite breweries that had a similar setup (notably, The Commons Brewery).

Speaking of upgrades, we now have a heavy-duty HEPA-filtered air scrubber that runs 24/7 and keeps the taproom air super fresh. Also, remember that big beergarden of ours? That’s a permanent fixture and it’s here to stay! In fact, with year-round seating indoors and outdoors, we’re beyond thrilled to have increased our capacity by 100%!!

We’re excited to see you all once again in the taproom and on the patio, so get here, grab a beer or two and take a load off. It’s good to be back…see you soon!