Retail / Dock Sales

Whether you have a kegerator for home use or are hosting a party, we can supply awesome beer!

Beers may not be available in all sizes on-demand, please call to verify availability.

Kegs are available in the following sizes and prices*:

  • 1/2 barrel (15.5 gallons or about 124 pints): $195
  • 1/4 barrel (7.75 gallons or about 62 pints): $125
  • 1/6 barrel (5.16 gallons or about 42 pints): $95
    • Corny (“Cornelius”) kegs, too! Corny kegs MUST be clean upon drop off or will incur a $10 cleaning fee. Please allow 48 hours after drop off for our brewers to fill your kegs.
  • Picnic taps are available for $25 rental and $25 deposit.

* Each keg requires a $75 deposit, which will be returned to you when the keg is returned.
Limited release beers may be more expensive. Purchased and/or partially empty kegs cannot be returned for partial or full refunds. We ask that all kegs be returned within one week of purchase.


Montavilla Brew Works is a self-distributed brewery delivering all over the Portland metro area.

If you’d like to serve Montavilla beer at your establishment, please contact us, email us at, or call 503.954.3440.