Simply Golden

This extra-crispy golden beer is light, refreshing and clear as a bell. Floor malted Maris Otter and flaked barley provide a soft malt presence offset by literally a handful of bittering hops. Two British yeasts were employed for a subtle fruit aroma and brilliant clarity.

Lovin’ Oregon IPA

Lovin’ Oregon is a West Coast IPA brewed with Pilsner and Pale malts, Falconer’s Flight hops and dry hopped with Citra and Strata hops for aromas of grapefruit, lime, tropical fruit and dank herb. Medium-light body and a dry finish. Brewed in collaboration with Heart in Oregon sticker company.

Portland’s Best Underrated Breweries

Beer writer Jeff Alworth has always had great things to say about MBW, and he back at it again! “Best of” beer lists are incredibly hard to formulate especially in a city with so many great breweries. The people behind these breweries put a lot of time, hard work and sacrifice into their work everyday.

Good press for MBW!

Big thanks to KOIN 6 for coming out on canning day this week! We were grateful to have the opportunity to tell the story of our recent “Catch A Tiger” IPA collaboration with Coin Toss Brewing. Check out the video here: