Portland’s Best Underrated Breweries

Beer writer Jeff Alworth has always had great things to say about MBW, and he back at it again! “Best of” beer lists are incredibly hard to formulate especially in a city with so many great breweries. The people behind these breweries put a lot of time, hard work and sacrifice into their work everyday.

Good press for MBW!

Big thanks to KOIN 6 for coming out on canning day this week! We were grateful to have the opportunity to tell the story of our recent “Catch A Tiger” IPA collaboration with Coin Toss Brewing. Check out the video here:  https://youtu.be/lwM_X-KvYnw

Interview with MBW’s founder, Michael

This week, MBW’s founder and head brewer Michael Kora sat down (virtually) with Chris Martin from the podcast “Getting Work To Work” to discuss beer, music, entrepreneurship and the ever-evolving small business world during the Coronavirus pandemic. Chris asks some great questions while Michael provides in-depth (and often entertaining) answers. Click HERE to listen to