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German Beer Tasting and Discussion

Oktoberfest season is rapidly approaching and it’s no secret that our brewers love the time-honored beer styles from Germany. Join us for a special tasting event in which MBW showcases four individual German-style beers: Kölsch-style ale, Pilsner, Altbier and Hallertau dry-hopped Altbier.

Taste all four (4oz each) of our German beers for $8:

Lickety Split” – Kölsch-style ale
Plywood Pilsner” – German Pilsner
Old Cowboy Town” – German Altbier
“Old Cowboy Town (dry-hopped)” – Hallertau dry-hopped Altbier

Brewers Michael and Alex will give a talk at 7pm on how each beer style is brewed in regards to raw materials, fermentation technique and recipe formulation. A tour of the MBW 10 barrel brewhouse will follow the discussion.