Dortmunder Wonder Lager

A smooth, clean lager with a moderate malt flavor and balanced hop presence – malt-forward like a Helles, hoppy like a Pilsner and stronger than both. Aromas of delicate honey from all German malt and a spicy, floral hop presence from German Mittelfrüh hops make for an authentic Dortmunder-style lager.

Academy Amber

This Amber Lager is dedicated to our good friends at The Academy Theater in Montavilla. Brewed with all German ingredients. Cheers to the Academy: a long-time neighborhood staple!

Bipartisan Porter

Three gallons of cold brewed Pinot aged coffee were added for a smooth, velvety-chocolate flavor. Brewed in collaboration with our neighbors at Bipartisan Café, this Porter recipe is beautifully balanced with flavors of Pinot oak, Concord grapes, and cold-brewed coffee. This is truly a special collaboration from farmer to vintner, to roaster, to café, and

Stark Street Stout

Stark Street Stout

Stout brewed with American and British malts. Fermented with two yeast strains and dry hopped with a healthy dose of spicy/piney Chinook hops.

East Glisan Mosaic

This IPA is loaded with classic “C” hops and dry hopped with Mosaic hops for a mango/pine/stone fruit/dank herbal aroma. Dedicated to our friends at East Glisan Pizza Lounge.

Partyin’ the Walken

India Red Ale brewed with large amounts of Horizon, Strata, Amarillo and Simcoe hops. Mellow bitterness, medium body and big aromas of citrus, spice, pine and dank herb.

Old Montavillain

A velvety-smooth, dark Strong Ale, aged in Eastside Distilling’s Burnside Bourbon barrels for over a month. Aromas of soft dark malt, chocolate, and dark cherries combine with the complex flavors of vanilla, charred oak, caramel and coffee.

Belgian Dark Strong

This dark Trappist-style ale features a rich, complex warmth with flavors and aromas of toasted malt, prunes, raisins, and brown sugar. Excellent balance of subtle spicy hop and soft malt with a clean, dry finish.

Patio is Open

Free Wifi? Yup. Outdoor Patio? Yup! One IPA on Tap? Nope. THREE! Open all Memorial Day Weekend. Closed on Memorial Day (Monday).

Michael Kora

Founder & Lead Brewer Michael Kora is Montavilla Brew Works’ Head Brewer and Founder. Born in raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan, Michael’s background is in Music Performance and Composition.