Prickly Pear Punch!

Light, dry and tart summery kettle sour with Prickly Pear. Flavors of watermelon, honeydew melon, bubblegum, citrus, agua fresca and sweet tart candy. Aromas of red grape skins, stonefruit and earthy melon. It’s like a tart punchbowl of flavor!

Fresh Hop Stratamacue IPA

Fresh Hop IPA brewed with over 90 pounds of fresh, dank, and fruity Strata hops from Goschie Farms and Indie Hops. Dry hopped with Galaxy and Citra hops that impart a massive passionfruit and citrus aroma. “Stratamacue” is a nod to our head brewer’s drumming roots: drum rudiment #38 Single Ratamacue.