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All The Dark Beers!

Dark, chocolaty and oh so warming

Current fall/winter beers (on draft and/or cans) include:

  • Peregrin – Palo Santo Wood Aged Porter: *2023 Silver Medal Winner – Best of Craft Beer Awards* This limited-edition strong Porter is chocolaty, deceptively smooth for its strength, and finishes dry. Aged on Peruvian Palo Santo wood, which imparts aromas and flavors of coconut, mint, cedar and incense. This beer benefits from warming in a glass and will also age well when stored properly. 6.8% ABV
  • Palantir – Dark Lager: This German-style dark lager is rich with complex notes of cocoa powder, roasted coffee and mocha truffles. 6.2% ABV
  • Old Fellowship 2023 Vintage: American Barleywine brewed with British pale malt, chocolate and carafa malts. Deceptively strong and medium bodied. Rich and complex malt flavor is balanced by fruity Yakima Valley-grown hops. Ready to drink now yet well suited for aging. 9.2% ABV
  • Old Montavillain Freeland Barrel-aged Strong Ale: Aged in Freeland Spirits “Private Reserve” barrels, this elegant strong ale exhibits notes of dark fruit, red wine grapes, anise/licorice, oak and smooth, mellow whiskey! 8% ABV, ON DRAFT ONLY